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Company Introduction

       Shenzhen Qianhai Lelingfeng Educational Technology Culture Co., LTDLETC specializes in production and sales of educational products. We encourage independent innovation through our strong Research & Development program. The R&D team has the ability to create educational products, hardware and software, develop educational curriculum, and perform software research and development. Each R&D team is led by an internationally renowned expert from the United States, Italy and China. 

       B.B.PAW, our branded children’s tablet, was launched in 2013. It has sold in more than twenty countries and regions such as the United States, Spain, Britain, Dubai, Russia, Australia, Ukraine, Iran, Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 2015, B.B.PAW began business in China.

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       LETC takes “Creative Learning & Intellectual Future” as its core value. At LETC, the innovation and R&D teams have pioneered the development of the B.B.PAW learning tablet, a device which focuses on the holistic child. It is our philosophy that children learning should be a fun and natural part of childhood. We are committed to developing children into world citizens with independent spirits, leadership skills, international perspectives and social responsibility.

Company Culture

Free and open

We want kids to be able to grow happily and be themselves! At B.B. Paw, we strive to create the best educational products for kids by hiring and retaining the most talented developers and designers.


We hope that through our quality products and service, we can help improve the development of the children in our community and beyond.


We don’t stop the development process until our products exceed our expectations and are thoroughly tested by our teams, third-party testing groups, and of course kids!

Striving for perfection

Perfection is our ultimate goal in all of our products and services.

Innovative Products Serves The Future

By thinking outside of the box, we are able to provide innovative products and services that foster child development.

Corporate Mission

LETC is devoted to the cultivation of young children into students with independence, leadership, global awareness, social awareness, and incredible executive functioning skills.

Brand Culture
Cartoon Image

Bear Bob –Male, 6 years old, from the United States. Lively, curious, imaginative, loves to play sports, talented in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Eager to make friends, especially from all over the world.

Age:Five years old
Frawn Li
Age:Four years old